Behind The Smiling Masks - Muhammad Sobur
Behind The Smiling Masks – Muhammad Sobur

MUHAMMAD, Sobur Shinaola

I’ve seen this witch barge into our dwellings
She attacked Papa’s throats with swellings
These war men trooped our doorsteps
And I could see death trailing their footsteps
These men are well equipped; they’re a chief thief
They butchered the giants to beef; and left the world in grief.

I’ve seen the world powers bow for this troop
Each individual – finding its way alone, out of the loop
These goons came and forced our faces behind masks
Planted our palms behind gloves; not up to these tasks
These villains shouted, and strong men vacated their streets
We couldn’t help but cry with our chats and tweets.

I’ve seen this whirlwind attack the breeze
where technology speaks– it made them to freeze
These gangs knew where life seems good
And attacked from there behind the hood’
This virus came to our worlds, all of a sudden
And became –on our necks– a weighty burden.

I’ve seen this Corona, and thrown her a question:
“Why have you taken such a callous action?”
She told me: “I came to show all men are nothing”
“I’ve brought a dress; a face mask and hands’ covering”—
“To dress the world –beforehand– in her death throes”
“I made all defenseless; crying– from head to toes.

Then I said in response: “Oh… Oh… Oh…! This is wrong.”
“Oh virus, you’ve sung the world’s worst song.”
You’ve killed men, oh Corona, to nourish your babies
You bit us with rabies… And shook us with scabies
Listen, oh virus, if patience have dried up my streaming eyes
My heart and pen have vowed to dwell with grief and cries.

Oh Corona, heavens judge between us and you
What sin have we sinned –Oh Virus– unto you?
You changed –black, with wickedness, the sea’s blue
And– the sky, with force, you seize’ blue
Thousands of deaths –per day– counts unto you
Oh Virus, why not spare us who sinned not to you?


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