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How Nature Was


The sun would rise so gently
In silence, and tranquility
The eastern clouds unleash with ease
The hidden sun behind its scenes
The sky will joyfully welcome its light
The lands will hopefully loosen its night
The earth will radiantly brighten with rays
The rays will mercifully lighten its days
The dying flowers will spread their weak arms
That the sun might bless them; the beauty of farms.

And when the clouds clouden
with bundles of rain
And the sky did darken
to loosen its pain
The starving soil will hastily in thirst
await its golden pour
Or, its drops at first
to nourish its floor
And, the oceans’ fishes rejoice
Awaiting a new heaven’s voice.

The wind and its servant—
the air; feel elegant
The brown burnt fields smile in hope
The dried lakes too follow this slope
The skies too obey the clouds’ orders
With thunders, and lightning that borders
The trees bow in response to them too
The cows moo, the pigeons coo.

Nature was beautiful when there were no men
The cattle could graze freely, and not in a pen
All was peaceful, and plants could live
They’ve got great shade, and fruits to give
Man; that knew not what was with nature long before
He came covetous, callous, and done–for
He damaged all therein; that was rather good
He changed —with wickedness— nature’s mood.



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