The prince snatched my wife
and punished me still;
When I claimed I had rights,
He strangled my will;
I’m thrown into prison
for hunger to kill;
I’m made to toil daily
up and down the hill’.

The judges were bribed;
And, the deal was sealed;
When my family voiced,
My father was killed;
My brother; enslaved;
And, my mother was pilled;
Our house; demolished;
And, its land was tilled.

My sister was raped
Before my sight; to see;
I was soaked with tears,
And, my panties with pee;
I won’t be that wet
If I’m thrown into a sea;
He’d made dead—
All the virtues in me.

I was told— till death,
I’d suffer this plights
“Here,” he told me,
“You’ve truly got rights,”
“But, you lack the right—
to fight for your rights.”
“Show me your rage—
if you’ve got any might.”

Now, he’s planning
On releasing me,
What I’ve got to do—
He wants to see,
I prefer —for him— to get me killed
‘Coz, by the time I start—
with my venoms and fangs,
Fire would be envious
of the fury in me
Satan would jealous
of the demons in me.

©️ MUHAMMAD SOBUR (Soyinka Jr)


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