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The New Virus


It’s a visitor we never expected
It vented trouble we all rejected
Its ways got us panic and lackadaisical
It restricted our contact of physical.

It’s chocking through oesophagus
Dampening the breath by killing the lungs
It has made all mankind lugubrious
Than the ISIS, it’s more notorious

It has no race
It has no family
It has no face
It is an interrace bully.

It came while many are less cognisant
It pose many in a form of threat
All nation are put on fret
It has approached millions already
It threatens more because cure isn’t ready.

It stopped all form of work
It removed joy and put sad in stock.

Who’ll be our Messiah
Maybe all it need is an holy ghost fire
Or maybe songs from our church choir
Maybe it’s a sincere Subhi prayer.

Let’s hope it’s an intervention of a regal
Who knows if it’s with the aid of technology
Let’s believe it could be a read of one anthology
Maybe it’s an idea from an epistemology
Or an improve study of the ecology.

The million attack must stop
The thousand death must be stopped
The world enemy must defunct
The common enemy must be fought
The normal living of life must return.
Me must all fight against the new virus.

© Abdulrasheed Ahmed Damilola


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