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The Spell


Last night I broke the spell that held me long,
The roun song of a poet,
The pain behind the melodies of the song,
Mysteries unravelled in master’s sonnet.

He said “everything lies except the eye”
I foolishly ignored my heart and bid it bye,
Now I shall waste my prime years no more,
For poetry thy heavenly born is against the before.

Lend me not thy heart If it’s not fully given,
Cupid didn’t aim my heart with an eye closed,
Oh , how could i forget!
Nature’s everlasting smile.

Never leave my heart even if you are out of sight,
You are at the centre of it all like the glory of sun and stars,
All these and poetry are one,
No words are said without an expression of love.

© Jay_Al
Komolafe John


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