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Twist Of Fate


Author: Ajagbe Ayodeji

The first time we met was during clearance in 100L. She was beautiful, but she was just there. I craved for a mutual relationship. I liked her too, but I still craved for experience. I was looking for something else. I was looking for something only my eyes and brain could understand. She was sensible too, yet this is something only my eyes and brain could understand.

Tobi was always around. In my face. In my head. I loved her, yes, but no, i don’t have to follow her everywhere.

I was scared the wife God is keeping for me out there would see both of us together, and boom! That’s how I’d miss the ‘Love of my life’ one meant for me and start going to Shiloh to pray. Medicine after death.

I don’t know what to do, but I was always taking my brain along with me. Everywhere we went to, I took my brain. To the market. To school. To the bedroom. I took my brain along with me.

Sometimes, I’d forget my brain at the door of Tobi’s room and few hugs would happen. Kisses too sometimes.
My heart wondered why I’d go through such stress. My heart often wondered why it was left unused. Ha! This heart ehn! Oga oh.

Whenever I pick up my brain at the doorstep, I’d scold it for embarrassing me. I’d scold my brain for not coming into Tobi’s room with me. Being a shy type, thankfully, I don’t do more than kisses and hugs and I never made any unnecessary demands from her.

Tobi was everywhere.
She was around when my parents didn’t have money to send for handouts and food.
She was around when some sets of boys harassed me sexually by pressing and hitting my bumbum at any given opportunity. I cried on her shoulder for days. I could remember she promised to take the matter up and bring the boys to book.
Tobi was there when I was sick. When I thought I was going to die, she stood by me.
Tobi was there when I received anonymous messages from ladies who wanted me to treat them better.
OMG, Tobi was around when I thought I was going to quit school and start learning how to repair generator and Air Conditions. She made sure my head returned to it’s default setting that day.
She was even around when endorsements started coming in from different organizations who wanted me to work with them. Yup, she stayed that long.
Oh! Did I forget to say, Tobi was there when I was awarded the best writer in the faculty. She used her last cash to get me a shirt and a tie i wore to the event. While she wore one of her old gowns. But girl’s still beautiful.

We talked about everything. Virtually anything we could think of. We’d go to church services together and sometimes parties.
Our parents who’d send money that wouldn’t last for a week. We talked about whose endorsement to accept and whose backside we should kick out of existence.
We made fun of guys who came to ask her out too. We were occasionally questioned if we were dating too… Well that’s another story for another “Twist Of Fate”

Tobi was intelligent, beautiful and God fearing. What else could anyone ask for?
Twice a week i visit Tobi and each time kisses and hugs do happen too. Don’t blame me.

When I started seeing Ayo, Tobi would walk me to her street and wouldn’t leave until Ayo leaves for her hostel.

Thrice, she stayed till past eleven, and when she sees I and Ayo walking back to my hostel, hand in hand, Tobi starts the long walk down to her hostel all alone.

Ayo was everything my brain and eyes wanted. Ayo was beautiful too. She had firm boobs and ass of moderate size. Not those water yansh —God even gave me jara on top.

I wanted Ayo. Maybe I showed it so much. I was so sure we were gonna get married after school. Most times, I think about how we’ll make a nice couple together and have handsome and brilliant kids. Ayo was God’s blessing to me. (I think)

The first day Ayo and I had a misunderstanding, Tobi had lost some of Ayo’s picnic tickets I kept in her care. I yelled at Tobi furiously, I told her the tickets she misplaced cost a fortune.

She told me I was priceless and tickets could be paid for if misplaced, but it was different with me. She said she wouldn’t let anyone break me, then she walked away with tears in her eyes.

My heart remembered the day she made promises to me on my sickbed. She’d said that we’ll be together forever and nothing’s gonna break us we crossed our littlest fingers as a sign of ‘together for ever’

My heart was nowhere to be found at that moment. Everything I did around that time was just my brain and I. And all that mattered to me then was Ayo.

At least, everyone quarrels. Partners fight. No one is perfect. No matter what she did, I’d get married to her.
What else would I do if we don’t get married. All my friends know that I love her.

Where was Tobi anyway? I just want her safe. Ayo and Tobi. I don’t know if there was a competition for who hates each other more. The duo just don’t get along.

One night I found myself in the hospital bed again. I was walking through a forest. There’s supposed to be a bright sun shining and birds chirping like in those American movies but instead, dark clouds covered the sky. I knew I was dying and my soul leaving me. But I wanted to see God. At least, I’ve heard of cliches like “dying people see God,” but I only saw people making horrible faces at me. Ugly faces. I shut my eyes, but I still saw them. One horrible looking woman said he wanted my heart since I don’t use it.
I screamed.

I opened my eyes with sweats all over my body and saw Tobi. Tobi?! The doctor was talking to her. I heard something like ‘leukemia’ Tobi heard it too and bursted into tears. I wanted to reach out to them. I wanted to tell her that she’s one of my biggest blessings. And that I was sorry for looking for bigger blessings.

But hey. Where was Ayo? She should be with me. At least I loved her.

Then I saw her with another guy with an orange tag entering into a car. Wait, who’s that guy? I use a yellow tag not orange. I don’t have a car yet? Not even a Lexus ES 330. What’s happening? I wept bitterly again.

God! Please I want my heart back. I’d use it this time. No? Can I tell Tobi she’s been a blessing to me right from clearance day, but I was too blind to see? No? Can I have another chance to make things right again? No


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